Hispanic Retail at Agroexpo Colombia: A Resounding

Success Driven by CORFERIAS

Agroexpo Colombia, the most important agricultural event in the country, counts this year with the participation of the

Hispanic Retail Chamber of Commerce, represented by Diario Retail. The meeting, which is taking place in the impressive

facilities of CORFERIAS, was attended by Juliana Vallejo and Leidy Berrio, press directors of Diario Retail, who will lead

this memorable participation for The Hispanic Retail Chamber of Commerce.


A Meeting Place for the Agricultural and Retail Sector

Since its inauguration, Agroexpo Colombia has been an indisputable reference for the agricultural and livestock

sector, providing a meeting space for producers, distributors, suppliers and agricultural enthusiasts.

In this edition, the Hispanic Retail Chamber, represented by Diario Retail, highlighted its commitment to the

growth of the sector and its unwavering support to the Hispanic community.


Diversity and Hispanic Culture at Agroexpo

The directives of Diario Retail carried out several activities, oriented to informative interviews with the

exhibitors present, who demonstrate the richness and diversity that this community brings to the agricultural

and retail world. Thanks to CORFERIAS for its support

Leónardo Henriquez, representative of CORFERIAS, and Ms. Susana Suarez, also from CORFERIAS, played

a crucial role in the success of this participation. Their professional commitment and personal support are proving

to be fundamental for the development of the fair, thus allowing the interaction between all those present at the fair

in a significant way.


A Promising Future for Hispanic Retail

«We are extremely grateful to CORFERIAS, Leonardo Henriquez and Mrs. Susana Suarez for their efforts and

support in this exciting experience at Agroexpo Colombia,» said Juliana Vallejo and Leidy Berrio, directors of

Diario Retail. «Our participation in this fair has allowed us to strengthen ties with the agricultural community

and expand the knowledge and richness of our products and traditions».

The Hispanic Retail Chamber of Commerce continues to promote and support Hispanic entrepreneurs in the retail

and agro-industrial sector, facilitating the access of their products and services to the different markets, promoting

the economic and cultural growth of our American continent.


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